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When it comes to choosing the right janitorial services for your office (s) or building(s) , experience, reliability and great references matter. Some janitorial companies will give out the lowest bid just to get the account, either lacking experience or under bidding just to get it without considering how they will make a profit. Usually, most bid requesters go with the lowest bid, but, Can the contractor really execute your cleaning demands and still make a profit.


Lowest bid is not always the best. With City Janitorial Service, we will provide you with a fair bid and explain how we get to our numbers. It’s only fair to you (client s) to know exactly what you’re paying for.


There have been numerous times that we bid higher than some companies or individuals and was still awarded the account. Why? because Trust, experience, reliability matter.

If you have a building, office and would like to get a second opinion or bid without any obligation, please call us.


Having a clean office says plenty about the professionalism in that office.

At City Janitorial Services, we understand your needs and what it takes to keep your office neat and clean.